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Book Review: Entering Hekate’s Cave by Cyndi Brannen, PhD

If you're keen on literature about Hekate, you might already be familiar with this book, or Entering Hekate's Garden, another highly popular book by Cyndi Brannen.

If you're not, I can assure this book can be helpful to people of all walks and spiritual backgrounds! Entering Hekate's Cave: The Journey Through Darkness to Wholeness takes the reader through a spiritual "death and rebirth", with each chapter centering around a various epithet of Hekate.

While Brannen is a devotee of the Triple Goddess, that is not to say the book is to be used for worship. The rituals in the book can easily be modified to suit any religious or secular belief structure you hold. In fact, there is even a chapter in which you write your own personal religion.

I found this book as a result of my dreams. (Sounds wild, I know. But that's another story all together.) When I purchased it, I had no idea that I was buying a shadow work book. In fact, I huffed a little bit when I realized that's what I bought. I told my husband, "Ugh. I thought I was done with shadow work." 🙄

I've learned since then that we are never done with shadow work. (Hooray) I also learned that it was exactly the book that I needed at that time. I also learned that it would become one of the books I recommend to clients the most.

10 out of 10 stars.

You can learn more about Cyndi Brannen, PhD at

I recommend reading this book in tandem with Cirle for Hekate Volume I by Sortia d'Este, which covers the history of the Goddess.

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