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The Beaver Moon: What is it and How do we Celebrate it?

There’s a full moon tomorrow! More specifically, a Beaver Moon. But what does this mean? You may have noticed other moons have special names before. Such as Hunter Moon, Cold Moon, or even Super Moon. The reasons for these names vary, but they often are rooted in history and what our ancestors used these nights for. You see, the full moon is one of the rare times the night is illuminated enough to see clearly. This allowed our predecessors to work late into the night on whatever harvest or other project they were working on.

The Beaver Moon specifically is centered around, well, Beavers. (Who would have thought? Haha) It is always the first full moon of November and, for the Algonquin tribe of North America, was a good time for the last traps to be put out before the swamps froze over. This would ensure a good supply of furs to last the winter.

As we approach the colder months, the traditions surrounding astral and planetary changes are centered around harvest and preparations. And, while that made sense for our ancestors, many of these rituals might feel pointless to you in this day and age. So what can you do to celebrate the Beaver Moon? Below are a few ideas to get the wheels turning:

Cast a spell for self discipline and motivation-  You can harness the energy of a good work ethic on this night and use it to drive yourself to do better!

Spend time in nature- you might even get a visit from a beaver or other furry friend.

Treat it like any other full moon- charge your crystals, perform a ritual bath, or any other full moon tradition you wish. Remember to bring your items inside before the sun hits them.

Celebrating the full moon doesn’t have to be anything more than looking up at the sky and acknowledging her beauty. Do what feels comfortable for you and have fun with it!

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