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The Kitchen Witch: What They Are and How To Become One

You might have heard witches refer to themselves in various categories, such as a kitchen, hedge, sea, or eclectic witch. And you might have thought, “what does that mean?” These labels help witches describe the type of magick they most perform. A sea witch uses ocean elements in their practice, while an eclectic takes a little bit from everywhere. (Most witches identify as eclectic.) Can you guess what a kitchen witch does?

If you guessed that they incorporate magick into their cooking, you were right! Kitchen witches include various ingredients into their meals with intention. For example, if a spouse wants their partner to do well at a job interview the next day, they might include cabbage or broccoli in that night’s dinner. (A common example of this would be when people make pork chops on NYE for good luck.) Kitchen witches incorporate other elements of magick as well. They might stir clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on if they are trying to draw something in or ward it away. They often make their own home remedies as well. You can find all kinds of books and online articles about this subject, but you don’t need anything more to get started right now. Below is a quick guide to some common ingredients and their magical properties:

  1. Apples- protection, love, health, longevity

  2. Bananas- masculine energy, fertility, strength

  3. Grapes- fertility, prosperity

  4. Kiwi- love, fertility

  5. Lemon- cleansing, protection, health

  6. Mango- joy, psychic abilities/spirituality

  7. Peach- love, harmony, fertility, psychic abilities/spirituality

  8. Pear- prosperity, love, health

  9. Pineapple- friendship, love, prosperity

  10. Strawberry- love, peace, joy, luck

  11. Beans- love, family, harmony

  12. Broccoli- luck, protection, abundance

  13. Cabbage- luck, prosperity

  14. Carrot- healing, fertility

  15. Cauliflower- cleansing, protection, fertility

  16. Celery- peace, focus, clarity

  17. Cucumber- healing, fertility

  18. Garlic- protection, banishing, cleansing

  19. Green peppers- prosperity

  20. Lettuce- luck, peace, harmony

  21. Mushrooms- strength, courage, protection

  22. Onion- protection, banishment, healing

  23. Peas- love, abundance

  24. Potato- fertility, abundance

  25. Pumpkin- prosperity, abundance, wishes

  26. Squash- abundance, harmony

  27. Tomato- love, passion

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