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Using Colors to Set Intention

Color is a great way to create a quick spell, or add to an already existing one. You can do this in a lot of different ways; with candles, string, paint, fabric, herbs and flowers, and more! Below is a quick reference guide to colors and their magical uses:

RED- Love, lust, anger, hexes and curses, passion, confidence, willpower, creativity, fire energy

ORANGE- intellect, joy, legal affairs, energy, justice, celebration, fire energy

YELLOW- joy and happiness, intelligence, focus, writer’s block, creativity, clarity, sun energy

GREEN- money, luck, health, success, earth energy

BLUE- protection, communication, focus, luck, peace, wisdom, remembering dreams, water energy

PURPLE- psychic abilities, intuition, divination, meditation, wisdom, knowledge, air energy

PINK- friendship, romance, self love, happiness, forgiveness, reconciliation, intimacy

BLACK- protection, cleansing, banishing negative energy, ending unhealthy relationships

WHITE- cleansing, protection, truth, peace, moon energy, also works as a substitute for other colors

GREY- balance, diplomacy, objectiveness, moon energy

GOLD- money, masculine energy, bravery, success, enlightenment, manifestation

SILVER- money, persistence, inner conflict resolution, moon energy

BROWN- bravery, stability, emotional balance, strength, earth energy

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