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About My Business

Hello! My name is Violet, and my goal is to help what I call the "Pew-to-Woo Pipeline!"

What does that entail?


I offer Tarot & Oracle card readings both in person and virtually. You can learn more about this on the Tarot & Oracle page.


I offer Spell Casting, as well as consultations and/or kits to help you perform your own spellwork. My specialties are enchanted skin care and other enchanted physical objects. You can learn more about this on the Spells page.


Through my personal journey of mysticism, I have found that my gifts are best used in helping others through their spiritual transitions and metamorphoses. Mentorship can be done with or without Divination. To schedule a consultation for Mentorship, visit the Contact page.


Sapphire Scents are Occult inspired aromas made by yours truly! I take great care in choosing ingredients for my products, and everything comes in reusable packaging. You can find more about these items in the Sapphire Shop.

Where I'm Headed


Certification in Religious Deconstruction Coaching is a personal goal for 2024! While I do currently offer mentorship, Deconstruction Coaching is much more intensive and aligned with wellness. This service is best provided by a certified professional, and I am just beginning my academic journey in this field. If you are in immediate need of a Deconstruction Coach, you can find many resources online or ask your health care practitioner about counseling.

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