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Blue Skies
Spiritual Mentorship

There are many reasons a person might feel the need for Spiritual Mentorship. As a Spiritual Mentor, I am passionate about helping you find the form of Spirituality that best suits you, as well as how to live it out in the healthiest way possible. On my personal journey through religion, magick, and mysticism, I have found that my gifts are best suited for helping those who are in a place of spiritual transition or transformation. Those in-between places can be tough, and that's where I come in!

I have very little interest in getting you to think like I do or "convert" you to my form of Spirituality. I listen, I observe, and more often than not, I send you home with a book list regarding the questions you're struggling with so that you can find the answer that resonates with you! My goal in all of this is to help you find your fire, not set you ablaze with mine.

Unlike Divination, Mentorship is something that requires a continued commitment to attention, accountability, and empathy for and from both the mentor and the one being guided. It's important to me that our relationship is lateral and serving your best interests, and as such it is important that we have a consultation before committing to a partnership. Mentorship is typically reassessed every three months. There is no pressure to continue our sessions after reassessment, and you are always welcome to contact me about starting up again in the future should you decide you need to discontinue Mentorship.


Mentorship can include virtual or in-person visits with or without Divination up to twice monthly. (Dependent on factors such as schedule, transportation, and need.) Mentorship also includes access to calling and texting me with questions or a need for guidance regarding your spiritual growth on an as needed basis, Monday-Friday 10am-4pm.

Initial Consultation (1 hour) - $35

Monthly Visit + Contact Hours - $50/month

Bimonthly Visit + Contact Hours - $75/month

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