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Personalized Spells & Magick

Each spell is made uniquely for the client. No two spells are the same. US Shipping is always FREE!

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact me directly for a consultation.

Divination is almost always done before proceeding with spellwork, and this requires a consultation. Prices for consultations are $35 in person or $20 virtual. If your consultation is in person and you choose to proceed with spellwork, $15 of the cost of your consultation will go toward your spell as a deposit. (Cost of spellwork must meet or exceed $45 for deposit to apply.)


Custom Spell Jars


Spell jars make great gifts! They are aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and full of power. Prices range from $15-$75 depending on size. 

Custom Candle Spells


Customized to your needs, a candle spell sends a charge of energy and intention through the universe via the flame. A combination of oils, herbs, and crystals will also be used. Pricing ranges from $25-$45 depending on the spell. 

Cord Cutting Rituals


Sometimes you just need to let go… But your heart won’t let you! Cord cuttings are for ending relationships, chapters, or attachments with a clean break and moving on to a new way of life. This service is almost always provided as a DIY kit with instructions, as rituals are essential to processing emotions out of our body. I also hold the belief that cord cuttings are most effective when performed ourselves. 

Flowers for SAle

Enchanted Scents


I find scents to be incredibly powerful in Spellwork involving things like comfort, affection, seduction, self-confidence, anxiety, glamour, and more. Enchanted essential oil blends can be applied in numerous ways and offer many uses from a very small amount. All oils are blended custom for the client based on needs. Prices range from $25-$40 depending on size.

Residential Housing Complex

Home Cleansing & Protection


Available in the Zanesville area only. This service includes a thorough cleansing of your entire home, as well as a protection charm. (Various cleansing options will be discussed upon booking.) 

Natural Beauty Products

Bath & Body


Ideal for Love, Lust, Health, Money, and Self-Confidence Spells.

I offer a variety of balms, salves, body washes, ritual baths, lip care, perfumes, and massage oils. Products can be customized to fit both your Magickal needs, as well as any allergy restrictions. All products are hand made and all natural.


Mirror Spells


Mirror spells work as a sort of “return to sender.” If you feel someone has ill intent toward you, this spell returns their negative energy three fold. Please keep in mind that return-to-senders are not always the best solution! Other options, such as transmutation or protective methods, can be considered.

“Black Magick”
AKA Baneful Magick


Baneful Workings are available under certain circumstances. Contact me directly for details.

Disclaimer: hexes are not to be taken lightly and You must be 100% sure of what you want before performing the spell or it will not work properly! Your participation is required for this service and I reserve the right to refuse this service to anyone.

Why the quotations around “black?” Magick is neither black nor white. Baneful Magick is for Balance and Justice, not Revenge.

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