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Tarot & Oracle Readings

Please be advised that I do not consider myself to be a "fortune teller." I am a very proactive reader, meaning that I will always ask for guidance before asking for predictions! My goal is to help you communicate with your Spiritual Team (whatever your belief system deems that is) and walk away with tools to better handle the situations you are facing.

Private Tarot & Oracle Readings

Virtual Readings are done via FaceTime, Zoom, or Facebook Messenger. In depth readings have no limit on questions and can last up to one hour. Couple's readings are done with both partners in the room together and are also in depth. Tips are appreciated but not required.



In Person In Depth - $35

Virtual 3 to 4 cards - $10

Virtual 5 to 7 cards - $15

Virtual 8+ cards (in depth) - $20

In Person Couple's Reading - $45

Virtual Couple's Reading - $30

Parties & Group Settings


Tarot readings can be great fun for Halloween or bachelorette parties! Available only in the Zanesville area to groups of 10 or more, I will come set up at your party and give readings to each person there. Cost is $75 + $5 per person. (You can choose to pay a $75 deposit and tell your guests a tip of $5+ is required for their reading or pay the full cost up front.)

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