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Themed Mystery Box

Themed Mystery Box

Guaranteed to meet or exceed retail value!

Do you love surprises? The Sapphire Scents Mystery Box is the perfect way to get yourself or a loved one a nice lil’ treat. Each item is individually wrapped and sure to make your body do that involuntary little happy dance!

There are three themes (Mixed Scent, Magickal, and Ouid Smoker’s) and two sizes (Standard and Mega) to choose from. You can find examples listed below, but please keep in mind that these are just examples. I am constantly hunting for better items, as well as working to improve my art and jewelry making skills.

Please keep in mind that boxes will not arrive with the decorative label pictured, as that space is needed for the shipping label. Below is a short description of each theme and what MIGHT be inside.

Mixed Scent: A standard variety of Sapphire Scents products, as well as hand made jewelry, home decor, keychains, collectors cards, stickers, small trinkets, hand made art, other.

Magickal: Sapphire Scents products, as well as home decor, hand made jewelry, enchanted items, witchcraft and ritual tools/supplies, antique brick dust, crystals and fossils, spell casting oils, incense holders, keychains, hand made art, collector cards, stickers, small trinkets, other.

Ouid Smoker’s: Comes with its own Stoney scent line! There might also sometimes be other Sapphire Scents products inside, as well as rolling papers, containers, rolling/ash trays, car fresheners, smoking tools, hand made jewelry, post cards, stickers, collector cards, small trinkets, lighters/matches, keychains, other.

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